The still on the way and on to its final closed beta stage of MOBA styled MMO PVP based Crush Online has come out with a great new patch for its invited playerbase. Along with progress in general towards further release stages, this new progress brings with it a great amount of new content ranging between many different types.

For starters, a series of new quests have been added to speed up the games play time to max level, For MMO’s of all types, it seems this is a good sign for players, ensuring that content is reasonably paced based on player feedback. Pacing changes to the game so early on is an even better sign for the game overall, as the changes get further room to be evaluated by all invited, and eventually all interested players.

Beyond just these quest changes, Crush Online will be receiving a new UI setup, something which as well was requested heavily by its playerbase. As well, stats will dynamically change, allowing the player to see them change.  Crush Online will also be bringing together new changes to many items, as well as weapons, and all with additional bug fixes less in the limelight.

If you’re looking to get into Crush Online, you can still apply for the closed beta. If you don’t get selected, you don’t have to be discouraged, as the game will likely be continuing quickly onto further release levels. The intense PVP action of Crush Online will eventually hit the public as a free to play game that will certainly be worth checking out.

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