The upcoming Neverwinter expansion draws nearer. So near that it will soon grace the Preview Shard, and in preparation for that glorious event, Cryptic, and publisher Perfect World, have laid out some details of what to expect when Neverwinter’s swath of content grows.

The expansion will feature a brand spankin’ new adventure zone, the River District, which was once home to Neverwinter nobles and is now home to troves of hidden treasure.

Cryptic is also revamping the Spellplague Caverns. “Refurbished and remastered, we’ve cleared out all the bodies of adventurers gone by, and reopened both standard and epic versions. New challenges, new boss fights and of course new epic loot. The Mimic King compels you!”

That’s just the beginning, though, and there will be further blog posts detailing more upcoming features, including:

  • River District Content & Environment
  • Skirmish Content
  • Critters & Bosses
  • River District Instances
  • Skirmish Environment
  • Spellplague Dungeon Environment
  • Lockbox

Check out the official blog post for more information.

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