Hunt: Showdown has had quite the journey. When THQ died, it seemed as though so would Vigil (the makers of Darksiders), but Crytek swooped in and saved them all from certain doom… briefly. As it turned out, as good as Crytek’s intentions were, the company wasn’t able to pay them.

In roughly the year they spent working as Crytek USA, the Vigil refugees had begun creating Hunt: Horrors of the Guilded Age, and when they went kaput, Crytek proper took over development, and here we are, three years later, and Hunt: Showdown arises from the ashes.

The gameplay preview gives a nice overview of how matches will generally flow. It’s co-op, with bits of survival, bits of PvP, and bits of monster hunting all thrown in. One thing not evident in the gameplay video, Hunt: Showdown will feature permadeath, but there will be a way of preserving some of the progress you made when you start over.

Oh, and in proper Crytek Fashion, the game looks damn good.

Now we’ve just gotta wait for it to come out.


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