If you’re just tuning in – or if you only pay attention to free-to-play happenings in the game industry, then you may not have been following what’s been happening The Culling 2.

Basically, The Culling (the first one) came out in 2016. It was fairly successful right out the gate, getting a headstart on the Battle Royale genre well before PUBG or Fortnite came onto the scene. But after a while, and a series of middling updates, the developers, Xaviant, put development of The Culling to an end to focus on their next project, which turned out to be The Culling 2.

Fast forward to last week, and The Culling 2 releases and does, well, horribly. Nobody bought it, nobody was playing it, and it basically did away with everything the made the first Culling unique..

Today, however, Xaviant announced that The Culling 2 was going to be pulled from storefronts and everyone who bought a copy was going to be refunded. Moreover, The Culling 1 is going to be relaunched as a free-to-play game. It will also be doing away with all the updates that came out after its original release. Basically, two years after it came out, The Culling is coming out again, just as it was back in the day.

Check out the full video from Xaviant below.


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