Dauntless is a Monster Hunter inspired co-op action RPG. You’ll band together with friends. You’ll slay gargantuan beasts. And you’ll collect the spoilers of war in the form of loot.

An open beta is set to launch later this fall, but first, there must be an alpha. That is just the way of things. It will begin in late April and sign ups are already under way. You’ll need an account for the site in order to sign up, so if you haven’t already, do that first.

As for the test itself, players can expect periodic tests in which a set amount of players will be selected from the eligible pool. There will be an NDA, so don’t go recording video or posting screenshots. Above all, expect it to be unfinished. But do expect your voice to be heard if you have any input that might, lo and behold, improve the game.

You can read more about the alpha plans in the official announcement.

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