Although Dauntless won’t be free-to-play until early next year. Its closed beta is currently underway, and it’s behind these closed doors that Dauntless is evolving into what would be considered by many to be a game.

Patch 0.2.7 just went live today, and with it comes more in-depth character customization, and they’ve added art to a lot of weapons and armor. There’s also a new tutorial for fresh slayers, and Dauntless welcomes its first season event: Dark Harvest, which will allow players to engage in some terrifying hunts and earn some exclusive items.

There’s an even bigger patch coming in December¬†that will update the game’s combat system, among other things, and developer Phoenix Labs announced recently that they’d be transitioning away from the games current loot box system to something more like Warframe or Path of Exile.

Design director Chris Cleroux had this to say:

“One of the things that we felt has not been the best of experiences is our loot box-based monetization. We’re going to be moving away from that as our primary monetization to more of a bespoke model like Warframe and Path of Exile, where you’ll be able to choose and pick the things you want to purchase rather than go through the gotcha-box method. We feel like it’s a lot more player-first in how it works, and it also reflects a changing interest in the community.”

Check out the full patch notes for 0.2.7 here.

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