Dauntless’s Seeking the Horizon update is due out May 2nd, making it the last major patch before the game goes into open beta on May 24th.

Progression is getting a major rework, there’s a new reputation system, and there will now be a story campaign. The new reputation system will involve three characters in the city. Players will be able to seek the Slayer path, Weaponsmith path, or Alchemist path. Weekly quests will reward special cells, weapons, and consumables.

Players will also have more variety in the hunts they embark upon. Patrols will allow players to pick a zone for a random reward, pick a specific island in an Expedition for all your gathering needs. Or, as the game has had, pick a specific behemoth and get huntin’.

To help transition into all these changes, the’s going to be a server reset on May 2nd (and then another on May 22nd, just prior to the open beta).

Read more about these changes on the official site.

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