Dauntless has spent about the last 6 months in closed beta making sweeping changes to the game. However, the time will soon come for the masses to experience Dauntless’s brand on monster-hunting good times. On May 24th, Dauntless enters open beta.

This is, of course, a little belated. Dauntless was originally going to enter open beta in fall of last year, but as it turns out, closed beta is a good way to get a reading on how good your game’s doing. Dauntless, as it seemed, needed more time to gestate. Over the past six months, Phoenix Labs reworked weapons, removed loot boxes, and improved island exploration.

And for anyone currently in the closed beta who is wondering about server wipes. Unfortunately, no progress will carry over into open beta. There will be one wipe in the beginning of May when a major update rolls out, then another just prior to open beta.

Check out the announcement for more information.

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