If you were interested enough in the concepts driving Dauntless to drop $80 on the game before much of it has been really shown, then you’ve probably been patiently waiting to know when you’ll get to play the game for the first time.

Wonder no further. On August 18th, Phoenix Labs will be opening the doors to Dauntless for the first time publically, and for only Founders .This means that there’s still a couple months left to pick up one of the Founder’s Packs. It’s worth mentioning that though all three packs are labeled “Founder’s Packs” only the third tier, the one actually called “Founder,” will grant you access to this alpha event.

But if you’re not exactly too gung ho to drop $80 on a free-to-play game, sight unseen, then it would behoove you to know that the NDA also lifts when the alpha arrives. So there will surely be plenty of footage available if you want a taste of the game without such a steep upfront cost.

Alongside this announcement came another. Phoenix Labs is also setting up a program for Content Creators. They haven’t said much of what that’ll entail, but they called out to all YouTubers and Twitchers to drop them an email for more information.

You can read more about the dual-nnouncement on the official site.

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