Dauntless‘s Open Beta launched on May 24th, since then, the game’s seen its fair share of updates, some small – some a little bigger, but today marks the release of the game’s first big update. Patch 0.5.0, dubbed The Coming Storm, was originally going to drop later this month as one big update, but Phoenix Labs have chosen to instead divvy the patch out over the course of August, iterating on things as they go.

When all’s said and done, expect Dauntless to feature “new content, quality of life improvements, numerous bug fixes, and a new, ranged weapon.”

But that doesn’t keep today’s update from being a slouch. Included today is a new Behemoth, new grenades, a new island, new story line, and the Ostians have come to Ramsgate.

For a full look at what’s arrived, check out the full release notes.

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