Phoenix Labs has unveiled their plans for Dauntless over the course of 2018. They intend to focus their efforts on seven specific areas of the game, including:

  • User Interface – They’re looking to improve the health readout, crafting, and everything in between.
  • Evergame – This is what Phoenix Lab calls the combination of hunts, activities, and social features. They want to improve all 3.
  • Island Gameplay – To put it simply, they want these areas to feel more dynamic and alive.
  • Slayer expression – More customization.
  • Performance and Scale – They want the game to run better on a wider variety of machines, from quantum to toaster.
  • Combat – The fundamentals of combat, improvements to existing weapons, expanding combo variety, and the cell system will all see some love.
  • Tutorials – Phoenix Labs wants you to be good at the game.

For a full description of all the 2018 changes, head on over to the official site.

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