Daybreak, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, have begun recruiting for an unannounced project. Now that Everquest Next is kaput, who knows what the developer might be working on.

But it seems to, at the very least, be a shooter.

They’re specifically seeking designers will experience making AAA FPS shooters. So whatever this unannounced project is, it will have guns and it seems that it will likely be played from the first person perspective, or maybe 3rd-person over the shoulder. It might be Planetside related, or it could be H1Z1 related, or it could be something else entirely. H1Z1 just came out, and it’s already two games, so adding a third to the mix seems quite unlikely. Similarly, it seems unlikely that this unannounced project is Planetside 3, but I could see it being a spin-off of some sort, rather than a completely new IP.

Daybreak certainly like to follow the trends. When DayZ was big, they announced H1Z1. When it seemed like WoW was growing long in the tooth, they announced EQ: Next. Hero Shooters are the latest craze thanks primarily to Overwatch. If this unannounced title isn’t an entirely new IP, I suspect it could easily be Planetside molded into the template of a hero shooter. I expect that would go over as well as Quake Champions.

But you never know.

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