There’s been quite a bit of rumbling that Daybreak Games – formerly Sony Online Entertainment, and now known as the developers of H1Z1, Everquest, and Planetside 2 – have had something big cooking, something based on a “world-class IP.”

They’re hiring up a storm, too, so it’s likely that this unannounced project is building up some production speed, and a few of the openings specifically reference a “soon to be announced” project. So, that could be anytime between now and never (the game could always collapse before it’s done).

Considering that it’s referenced as a “world-class IP,” who knows what it is. One of Daybreak’s own games is possible, and it does seem as though it’s going to be a shooter. It does seem a bit soon for Planetside 3, but maybe it’s a spin-off for that, but I’m not sure I’d considered Planetside, or any IP Daybreak owns (aside from Everquest) to be “world-class.”

But I guess we’ll see… soon!

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