Battle Royales may be big, but it doesn’t seem like they’re big enough to save a company. Boss Key (makers of Lawbreakers – RIP) learned this with Radical Heights, which had only just entered early access on Steam when the developer went belly-up.

And now, it seems as though Daybreak Entertainment (Everquest, Everquest 2, Planetside, etc.) is in dire straights after Planetside Arena failed to light the world ablaze. The developer has evidently been hit with another round of layoffs following the 70 people who were laid off way back in December of 2018. There’s no concrete details on the number of people affected, but word on the street has it that Planetside 2 only has a couple of people left working on it, keeping the lights on – if you will.

With any luck, those affected will be able to land on their feet.

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