To retcon something, for the unware, is when you rewrite the history books to pretend it never happened. In 2015, Sony sold Sony Online Entertainment to the investment firm, Columbus Nova, and the company rebranded itself Daybreak Games, who most recently created H1Z1.

Fast forward three years, and as it turns out, Daybreak was never really owned by Columbus Nova, but its former Senior Managing Partner, Jason Epstein. He, at some point, left Columbus Nova and is now doing his own thing, perhaps giggling to himself that he cancelled Everquest Next.

Anyway, this is all likely because of some fishy business with the Russians, and the election, and the fact that Columbus Nova is ultimately owned by the Russian conglomerate, Renova Group. The chairman of that, Viktor Vekselberg, has had his assets frozen and is being investigated by the US Treasury.

It’s no surprise that Daybreak wants to distance themselves from this whole debacle, and especially Columbus Nova. They’ve removed the original press release from when the company bought Daybreak, and said that it was in error, a 3-year-old error, but an error nonetheless.

But it already seems like the company might be in a bit of an uncertain scramble since the Senior VP of Global Marketing and Sales, Laura Naviaux , left the company today.

But it’ll be a little while before any of this potentially affects Daybreak’s games, from DCEU to H1Z1.

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