DCUO has weathered quite the storm since it’s 2011 release, including Sony saying goodbye to Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak Games being born. But this month, the game turns 7.

To celebrate, Daybreak is offering free gifts to both subscribers and free-to-players. Just login between now and January 31st to reap the benefits.

And what might those be, you asks? Subscribers will receive a Member Box containing a suite of emblems modeled after Metal, the current special series from DC Comics, in-game posters of Earth 3’s epic Superman vs. Ultraman art, and an already-unlocked Paradox Time Capsule.

For free players, there’s a Batsuit to claim, Dark Spector. Past members receive a special gift as well. These benefits include access to all DLC content, all powersets, the unlimited cash cap, and so much more.

Check out the official page for more.

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