Seems as though Daybreak Games have been doing whatever they can to make money since breaking off from Sony over a year ago.

They took one game in H1Z1 and made it two! They killed off poor old Planetside. And now, they’ve taken the popular loot crate item from many other games and will be sticking it into DC Universe Online when Update 63 rolls around soon.

Time Capsules will contain anything from gear to styles. As expected, these Time Capsules can’t be opened without a key of sorts, the stabilizer. Those can be bought from the game’s store, or created through limited in-game methods. Fragments will drop from the game’s Suicide Squad Training duo event once a day. You’ll gain four fragments if you’re a non-subscriber; six if you are. Collect fifteen fragments, combine them, and there you have it, a stabilizer.

The fact that you can get yourself a key without having to buy one is fairly nifty, if I do say so myself.

Check out the official update from Daybreak for the full Time Capsule low-down.


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