Blizzard took to PAX East today to announce Heroes of the Storm’s newest hero, and it’s a classic one this time around: Deckard Cain.

Deckard’s Nexus incarnation is a support hero focused on healing allies and controlling enemies. The healing aspect is covered in his first basic ability: Healing Potion. Deckard can toss them to allies to heal them, or place them on the ground for future use. One of his other basic abilities buffs allies, and then other damages and roots heroes.

As for his ultimates, Deckard Cain can either choose to lull his enemies to sleep with Stay a While and Listen, or provide area denial with Lorenado, which conjures up a swirling tornado of – well – lore (books and such) to knock away enemies.

Check out a full preview of his abilities in the video below.

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