Defiance is a science fiction centric MMO third person shooter, although it is cross platform, it went free to play on PC in mid 2014. Trion Worlds extremely popular game has superseded the show it was originally to run concurrent to, and continues to move forward and grow as the show was cancelled in 2015.

Today, Trion Worlds had to make an extremely tough decision with Defiance however, choosing to remove the item exchange system it had once carried. This decision had to be carried out in the face of consistent and extremely problematic issues when the game overall reached high capacities of players at any given time. The nature of these issues left the development team incredibly confused in how to recreate and consistently work on solutions, as the problems would only appear under this severe strain. After trying every reasonable solution and angle possible in addressing these issues, it was decided that it was better overall for the game to axe the exchange system. The decision was to continue without the incredibly tricky and frustrating bugs the system inevitably brought.

Alongside this message, the developers made it clear that they were still just as committed to Defiance moving forward, and prepared its audience for more new content in the future.

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