Trion announced today that their sci-fi MMO shooter, Defiance, wouldn’t go quietly into that good night as the TV show did. In fact, it’s getting a shiny new version, one that reimagines the old game and propels it into the future, all the way to the year 2050.

Enter, Defiance 2050.

Basically, Trion took everything that Defiance players had been requesting since the game went live back in 2013 and are acting accordingly.

Players can expect the following new features when the game goes live later this year:

  • Dynamic Open World Environments
  • Massive Co-operative Battles
  • Stunning Updated Visuals
  • Huge Weapon Selection
  • Free to Play

In addition to that, also expect a revamped class system. There will also be a closed beta in the coming months, but there’s no specific date on that, so stay tuned.

Sign up for the beta via the official site, or watch an overview video below.

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