Hilariously bad puns aside, Destiny 2 has now migrated off of  Activision Blizzard’s Battle.net client and is now free-to-play on Steam.

Of course, if you go deep into the lootin’ and the shootin’, you’ll need to pick up the expansions, which includes Forsaken (old and stale) and Shadowkeep (new and fresh). But the base game (now dubbed Destiny 2: New Light, as well as all the juicy year-one content, is all free to play.

And if you do decide to pick up the most recent expansion, you’ll be going to everyone’s favorite backyard cookout location, the Moon!

Check out the Steam page for more. There, you can click the download button to join the 225k or so peak players who seem to be playing Destiny 2 on PC for the moment. Not too shabby considering that Destiny 2 had a pretty mixed response when it came out

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