Destiny 2 has been free-to-play for just about a week, and already the game has launched a brand new raid, Garden of Salvation, and a team of industrious players has already wiped the floor with it. They cleared it within six hours, and any players who were able to clear it within 24 hours after that (or maybe 18 – math is hard) were given a unique profile emblem.

But in addition to all the sweet loot that’s available to any players who henceforth delves into the Garden of Salvation, the clearing of the raid also opened up some new content for players who don’t even want to step foot in a raid. That new stuff is basically more Vex on the Moon. Because everyone loves more robots.

For more on everything Destiny 2, including some sweet rewards (both free and purchasable) for people who are able to clear the raid, check out the official post.

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