Last year, Splash Damage announced that they would be ending active development of Dirty Bomb. Of course, this typically means that it won’t be long before a game on life support has the plug pulled. It would seem that this is not on Splash Damage’s agenda.

The developer announced this week that on January 15th, all monetization will stripped from the game and everything will henceforth be earnable through in-game credits. If you have any RAD currency, the game’s real-money transaction, expect to have the leftovers converted into credits at a rate of 20.84 credits per 1 RAD. They’re also upping the credit generation rate to allow you to earn credits, and unlock stuff, more quickly. The team is also allowing more stuff to be tradeable, specifically loadout and weapon cards.

Splash Damage has also said that servers will be kept up and running at least throughout 2019 into 2020. It’s weird saying 2020 – almost like wer’e living in the future.

To read the full announcement, head to the official site.

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