Splash Damage announced today that their free-to-play shooter, Dirty Bomb, would be cleaning itself of Nexon. Their own publishing arm, WarChest, would be taking over publishing duties.

What does this mean for the game? Well, for starters, Nexon’s anticheat will be patched out soon and replaced with EasyAntiCheat.

SplashDamage didn’t say much else about what might change with Dirty Bomb now that it’s under their control, but community manager, “Shoe,” was quick to placate any comments on the game’s deadness with saying that they had many great plans for 2017.

Can confirm no one was ditched 🙂 The split was a mutual decision. WarChest, who will now be publishing Dirty Bomb, is Splash Damage’s own publishing arm and has been around for years. Fireteam, another company under Splash Damage control, will be handling all of the backend and have also been around for years supporting a number of different AAA titles.

Things are gonna git gud!

Soon they’ll migrate to a new website, and then forums, but those will have to be down for a bit in the interim.

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