Each year, Dota 2‘s big tournament, The International, comes along with a optional Battle Pass, which has traditionally unlocked plenty of stuff, and this year is no different. Along with all the other stuff it unlocks, the Battle Pass also comes along with a new game mode, The Underhollow.

Basically, Roshan has retreated back to a deep labyrinth, and you – along with a team of your allies – must find his rarest cheese and fight to be the last team standing. As the match progress, Roshan is causing the Underhollow to cave in on itself, gradually reducing the playable area. That does indeed sound familiar, Battle Royale familiar, but with enough interesting additions so that it feels fresh.

The Underhollow isn’t quite live yet, but you can read more about it – as well as what else the Battle Pass unlocks – on the official Dota 2 hub.

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