Dota Underlords next update is, well, Big. Literally. That’s what it’s called: The Big Update. There’s a bunch of new Heroes, and new Alliances to go with them, as well as plenty of balance changes as the game inches closer to its 1.0 release.

So far, there have been two posts previewing what’s to come, with more updates coming soon.

But so far, we know that:

DAZZLE! is being added to the game, along with the new Alliance, Healers.

There’s also a new Insect Alliance with everyone’s favorite eight(ish) legged friends – Nyx Assassin, Weaver, and Broodmother.

Legion Commander is also getting added, along with her own Champion Alliance. Lifestealer and Magnus are also being added, along with the Brute Alliance.

Check out the official community updates for more.


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