Duelyst expands today with its 7th expansion, Trials of Mythron. It adds to the game 100 new cards, two new keywords, and a new rarity level.

The new rarity, also the expansion’s namesake, Mythron is assigned to only seven cards. You’ll get one in the first orb (card pack) you open, and for every 10 orbs thereafter, and only one Mythron card can be played per deck.

The first of the new keywords, Intensify, which causes a card to grow in power the more it’s played. If you play a spell that increases a minion’s attack by +1, each subsequent cast will increase the potency, by +2, +3, etc.

The second keyword, Trial and Destiny, makes it so that a card cannot be played until a set of circumstances are completed. At that point, the Trial card can be played and its Destiny occurs.

Check out the full list of changes included in the patch here.

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