Popular free to play card game (or ccg, collectible card game) Duelyst has been a steady favorite for many competing games within the genre. The game offers a unique pixel graphics style among competitors like Hex, Hearthstone, and Eternal. Now, Duelyst has introduced it’s newest cosmetic features, with the rollout of patch 1.68, and the inclusion of Prismatic cards.

Patch 1.68 offers many new aspects to Duelyst in terms of cosmetics for the game, including it’s own equivalent to a 100% cosmetic appearance change for cards. Much like what we all know and love as “foil”, these cosmetic upgrades function similarly, and are called Prismatic cards.

This is great news for dedicated players, who love the game enough that they look to stand out amongst the crowd. This new tool will allow players to definitively choose their deck of choice, and represent as a very dedicated fan to any one strategy.

To provide easier access for these and many other rare cosmetic upgrades and aspects to the Duelyst marketplace, this new patch has implemented a “loot crate”, a box that allows you to get these upper rarity cosmetic items alongside traditional gameplay upgrades. With these changes, Duelyst pivots further towards more options for it’s active playerbase, and offers more ways for players to distinguish themselves amongst the crowds.

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