A fresh expansion has come to Duelyst, RIse of the Bloodborn.

39 cards total (6 per faction and 3 neutral cards). Many of which tie into the game’s Bloodborn spell effect, such as minions that do something whenever your Bloodborn spell is used. Or the ability to morph your Bloodborn spell into something else.

To acquire the cards, players must buy the Rise of the Bloodborn orbs for 300g a piece, each containing 9 cards. Each orb contains 3 copies of 3 cards and can never give duplicates. These cards can’t be crafted or disenchanted, though, but once you’ve purchased 13 orbs, you’ve unlocked the entire set. And once you have 3 copies of a card, you can craft the prismatic version. If you want, you can pick up the entire expansion for $20.

Read more about the expansion on the official site.

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