For players of the award winning MMORPG Dungeons and Dragons Online (or DDO), the fate of the beloved game has been in question as of late. Focuses seemed to have diverted off of the game boasting a community of relatively few, but dedicated players. Some of these players are even still around from the games origins.

The game, based to some degree on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition, has been largely ignored in recent years in terms of content. For many, the expectation that the game was failing was prevalent, and with a length of silence from developer Turbine in terms of content, that’s to be expected.

Thankfully, for any perspective new players to the free to play game, and for the community playing it now or in the past, the game is showing further signs of life. The executive producer gave solid indications for new content, bringing together quite a hype. His posts pointed to a possible expansion in late 2017, something many can rejoice over and expect sometime relevant to this date. While the game could use content updates in terms of graphics among many other aspects to attract a new wave of attention or crowd, for those already interested, content is coming.

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