Elvenar is one of the primary browser-based city builders out, with a thoroughly deep system of storytelling and worldbuilding surrounding a typical city builder’s gameplay features, along with many other additions.

Elvenar, has now expanded to two new symbiotic races that work together to advance your cities, fantasy universe favorites, orcs and goblins.

While traditionally orcs are known as savage muscle lined violent people and goblin as tiny maniacal plotters who ambush their prey, these two races for Elvenar work extremely well together, and focus on far more noble aims than mere bloodshed.

In Elvenar, your orcs will utilize the upgrading and creation of powerful mushrooms, and who will provide your mushrooms? Goblins. While the two scramble for power and majority amongst themselves, they work extremely well together, progressing the populations of both groups to prominence. Your goblins might feel the strongest being at the source of the operation, and your orcs might feel the strongest for being at the helm of the operation, but together is where they both must be to push on.

While you’ll need at the least a level 20 armory for orc production, you can move steadily from here, providing orcs the mushrooms needed to travel great distances and the goblins to keep the production going.

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