En Masse announced this week that on October 321st, they’d be shutting down their shootery playground, Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR for short), a game that advertised that just about anything was possible. Except, of course, finding and maintaining a stable community around it. If only it had jumped aboard the Battle Royale bandwagon.

Oh well. Not every game is meant to last forever. Those still playing the game – or those tempted to check it out during its twilight hour – will find plenty to do, considering that everything in the store will be free. Also, anyone who has played ZMR at any point between July 18th and September 18th will receive 1000 EMP to be used in any other games by En Masse: TERA, Kritika  Online, Closers, and AVA.

You can read the full announcement from En Masse here.

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