Fortnite launched into a paid early access earlier this week, and immediately, concerns of the game’s progression and monetization started to arise.

It took Epic some time, but they finally commented on the concerns. Basically, their answer is twofold. Firstly, they’re listening, and the game is in early access, so bear with them and the situation will improve. And secondly, they’re looking for feedback about the loot/progression system in general. Is the problem as simple as there aren’t enough llamas (loot boxes) dropping, or are players stumbling to understand the ins and out of the game’s progression. Specifically, how survivors are used to make your commander more powerful.

They give some other information, and links to some helpful Youtube videos, on the official forums.

The general consensus is that the core of Fortnite is exemplary if you’re into co-op games such as these. The crux comes around progression and how much you have to pay to progress. With any luck, by the time the game actually releases next year, and is free-to-play, these issues will have been resolved.

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