Epic’s “free game every 2 weeks” thing continues with Transistor, the follow up to Supergiant Games’ Bastion. The latter, of course, made waves when it came out, and Transistor was pretty sweet too. They changed up the formula a bit with Pyre, and even more so with Hades (which is in early access exclusively on Epic’s store).

Transistor, much like Bastion, features a narrator who will speak to you throughout the game, but unlike Bastion (which was more of an action RPG), Transistor is more of a turn-based thing. Though it frequently goes on sale, Transistor normally costs $20, so grab it while it’s hot.

And if you like rogue-lites, you can give Hades a whirl, but that, unfortunately, costs money. Transistor, however, is free. At least until May 2nd. After that, it’s World of Goo!


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