CCP took a trip this weekend to Las Vegas in order to host EVE Vegas, an event meant to celebrate their long-running MMORPG. But the weekend is also used as a platform for CCP to doll out info about upcoming EVE Online related stuff.

Though it’s not quite “gone” free-to-play, EVE Online did roll out a free version last year – dubbed Alpha Clone – that had some restrictions. Those restrictions wound up being a bit too steep and the mode never quite took off. Now, CCP is taking steps to fix that. The upcoming December expansion, Lifeblood, will breathe life into Alph Clone, offering up increased options for ships. Now Alpha Clone players will be able to pilot themselves battlecruisers, and research the ships of the game’s other four species, as well as tech 2 small and medium weapons.

Other improvements include allowing Alpha Clone players to choose from skills with a cost of 20 million or more, but those skills will have an increased train time. After 5 million, those players will need to subscribe or inject themselves with skills via skill injectors.

Oh, and yeah, Project Nova ( the follow-up to the now-defunct Dust 514) is still alive and kicking, although it’s still a project under a tight layer of secrecy. So take comfort in the fact that it’s happening. Just don’t expect many other details for the time being.

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