Hi-Rez announced recently that the inaugural Paladins Invitational, set to occur January 5-8th, will now be an even more boisterous event. There are now even more regions thrown into the melee.

Originally open to just North America and Europe, the tournament will now have teams from all over the world compete for the 150,000 prize pool, including Brazil, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and China.

All of those teams will fight among themselves, whittling the number down to eight, and those eight teams will converge at the Hi-Rez expo in Atlanta. There they will fight, and brawl, and “get dirty” to decide which one will be crowned the best competitive Paladins team.

If you want to pick up a ticket to the event, that can be done so at the official site. Or you can simply tune into the official Hi-Rez Twitch channel when the time comes.

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