On December 5th, life will get just a little bit easier for anyone playing EVE Online for free.

“With the December release, pilots both new and old will benefit from free access to all Tech I hulls up to Battleship class as part of a large addition of skills to the Alpha skillset. Cross-faction training will also be available for free, allowing for Alpha clone access to vessels across all factions in New Eden.

To supplement this change, free access will also be granted to skills that allow for the use of Tech II small and medium weapons systems.”

Like with any good update, this is not all that’s coming with Arms race. There’s the titular event that’s geared to those free players and the ships they’re now able to pilot for free. There are also daily skill injects, too, for alpha players. Usable once per day, they grant 50,000 points.

The update also includes some VFX improvements for some structures. Read the full outline of everything for more information.

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