EVE has a new expansion coming out on November 8th, Ascension. With it comes all sorts of interesting goodies. Chief among them is EVE’s new sort-of free-to-play version of the game. You’ll no longer need a subscription to play, but you’ll be missing out on a few things.

Cloned States, in a nutshell, are subscriber levels. Alpha Clones only have access to a specific set of skills while Omega Clones have access to everything. The latter, of course, also requires an active subscription. Furthermore, players can switch between either state and not have to worry about permanently losing any of their skills. When a player chooses to no longer subscribe, their Omega Clone becomes an Alpha Clone, and all of the Omega-only skills become locked away. If they choose to subscribe again in the future, they’ll once again become an Omega Clone and regain access to any skills they’d lost.

That’s really just the tip of the Ascension iceberg. CCP has a blog post outlining virtually all of the changes and additions.

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