The Evolve open beta has evolved just a little bit more. For over two months now, it’s been free to play, but now microtransactions will soon come.

Turtle Rock studios, in their message to the community, say that now that the beta has been up and running since July 7th, the time has come for the game to prove itself to be self-sustaining and profitable.

Coming September 27th, Gold Keys will let you buy anything in the game that you normally would with Silver Keys only without the time investment. Instead, the investment will come from your pocket. Much like their silver cousins, Gold Keys will let you buy hunters, monsters, skins, and perks.

Turtle Rock don’t want to bite off more than they can chew, either, so the microtransactions will launch first in the US, and then, once the studio is comfortable with the entire system, they’ll roll out gold keys in other countries as well.

Again, check out their message to the community for the full statement, or download Evolve on Steam to get hunting (or to be hunted.)

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