Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic MMO that came out nearly a decade ago to little fanfare (hence the intro), but it’s trucked along from 2009 till this year. However, that is all soon coming to an end (dun dun dun). The CEO has taken to the forums to say that after the 10th-anniversary event, the servers will be taken offline in early October.

They’re hard at work on a new version of the game, and have no plans for that to change at all, but Fallen Earth as we know it is coming to an end, and since the new version of the game is still early in development, there’s no telling when it might relaunch.

The CEO has specifically this to say about the server closure:

Unfortunately after weeks of monitoring things and getting players feedback, I have determined the current state of Fallen Earth just isn’t sustainable in its current form. You guys have been very tolerant, but the player experience is terrible right now. It’s laggy and buggy. Servers crash quite often, and stacking is still disabled due to exploits. I don’t blame the player base for the low concurrency numbers. You need a better game to play.

To read the full announcement, head over to the official forums.

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