Fallout Shelter stormed the app world back on June 14th of 2015, reaching an expansive playerbase and achieving more downloads than the rest of the fallout series combined.

One of the biggest strengths of the game was its ability to reach users that might not pick up every Bethesda release, and with those numbers it certainly achieved this. Today, Fallout Shelter finally has made its migration to the PC to reach an all new audience. This time, however, the audience was prepared for it.

With the move to PC, Fallout Shelter reached an audience likely already experienced with the app, so how did this new release change things up?

Along with just the change of scenery, Fallout Shelter added an extensive new quest system, and all new levels of control and interaction with your shelters “dwellers”. Today, you can now track and control your dwellers as they themselves take on the unforgiving wasteland. They can discover and investigate dead vaults, new buildings, as well as many of the icons and landmarks we all know and love from Fallout 4. Along with this, players can piece together teams of dwellers for larger scale tasks and work.

With this new update, the pc numbers for Fallout Shelter are projected to be equally mind-blowing. As the world itself becomes more immersive, players are sure to continue maintaining their personal vaults, and loving it all the while.

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