Blizzard has revealed this week 5 Hearthstone cards that would soon be nerfed. Last week, they announced upcoming druid changes, so nerfs to Innervate and Spreading Plague was expected.

What wasn’t expected, though, were nerfs to Fiery War Axe, Hex, and Murloc Warleader. Fiery War Axe, especially, has been a mainstay of virtually every Warrior deck, so its nerf wasn’t too unexpected. Seems as though Hex and Murloc Warleader were caught in the crossfire, though.

Ice Block was touched on, but Blizzard can’t really easily nerf it, but they do say that it will probably rotate into the Hall of Fame early next year when the new Hearthstone year begins with the launch of the first expansion of 2018. They just don’t want to go transitioning cards into the Hall of Flame in the middle of a Hearthstone year.

You can visit the official post for info on all the nerfs.

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