Star Wars: The Old Republic (or SWTOR) is making long strides to reaching and resolve the final moments of one of it’s most dense, lengthy, and epic storylines, Knights of the Fallen Empire.

Knights of the Fallen Empire came to us on October 27th of 2015, and began a massive storyline spanning over 15 different parts (or chapters.)¬†This content has kept players entranced throughout it’s many layers and events. This content is giving a huge incentive for players to stick to Star Wars the Old Republic, and to get further entranced and enveloped in the universe Bioware has put together for it’s players.

The closer you feel to the characters around you, the more impactful the story will be. If you haven’t already tried it, you still have some time, but you better get to work. Chapter 16 is right around the corner, coming to us on August 9th for those subscribed before July, and August 11th for those who weren’t so lucky.

This is huge news for SWTOR fans and previous players alike. If you gave up on SWTOR early on, or eventually burned out on it, this would be a wonderful thing to come back for and achieve, while also being sure to catch the tail end of Dark vs Light, an event Bioware has heralded as important enough to change the state of the game as a whole between the two moralities/factions.

There’s plenty to come for the massively popular Star Wars MMORPG, and you could always be along for the ride as a player. May the Force (or blaster, as the case might be) be with you.

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