You could perhaps write a nice little novella about the rise and fall of Firefall. There was an expensive-ass bus, tons of cosplay, a live action video series in the works. But what there never was was a focused direction for the game. It flipped and flopped and switched every few weeks it seemed. Then, when Mark Kern was removed as CEO of Red 5, it just sort of slowly withered and died.

Red 5 announced yesterday that tomorrow Firefall servers would be shuttered, and while most games that are winding down on their last days have a few weeks left, judging by the current state of the game on Steam Charts, doesn’t seem like there are many left out there who really care. But fret not, though Firefall as an MMO Shooter might be coming to an unceremonious close, Firefall the mobile game will pick up where it left off. Expect more updates on that soon.

You can read the closure announcement over here.

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