It’s been an exciting week for Fortnite. The story began when the game “went offline” over the weekend. Basically, a big black hole opened up and sucked everything away, leaving players unable to login for a good couple of days. If you tried, you’d see a “server offline” message, and eventually, your entire screen would disappear, leaving behind the black hole.

The game’s social media accounts, including the subreddit, all went dark. Nobody could post anything new to Reddit, and the game’s twitch channel was showing a non-stop stream of the black hole. But it all ended yesterday when the game received a big ole update, ushering in Chapter 2 of the game.

Gone is the old map, replaced with a new one. It has an entirely new layout, with new locations, and new things to discover (and cool places to kill and be killed). Personally, I was kind of hoping for something a bit more separate from the old map. At first glance, there are many similarities, but oh well.

The update also has a head of new gameplay changes, including the ability to pick up players (friends and foes). Now, instead of earning stars, you straight-up earn XP instead. You can earn medals by playing, as well as achievements, and swimming has been improved – and you can fish!

For more on the update, head to the official site.

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