NetEase, the developer that Blizzard is paying to create a mobile version of Diablo (Immortal), so you can’t really call it a clone, has just unveiled their latest game, FortCraft, a survival sandbox mobile game. Despite the vaguely similar name to Fortnite, if you head on over to the game’s Facebook page and take a gander at some of the pictures and videos, you can tell that this game has little in common with Fortnite and is ultimately just a big coincidence.


Well, China’s always been pretty lax about the copyright laws that are all too common in the West. This, of course, doesn’t mean that Netease won’t be getting in trouble for cloning yet another game. PUBG Corp just took them to court over a PUBG clone that they’d made.  I can only assume that it’s only a matter of time before Epic’s lawyers get wind of this and that something similar happens, especially if the game, which is currently in closed beta in China, releases in the US.

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