For the moment, Fortnite is in paid early access, so it’s not quite free-to-play, but sometime next year, it will be. Early Access phase gives Epic plenty of time to iterate, try new ideas, and implement new game modes. And boy did they reveal a doozy this week: Battle Royale.

Indeed, Fortnite is getting its very own 100-person, all-out brawl until but one survives. It’s set to “launch” later this month on September 26th, but it’s live now in public test mode.

Battle Royale is completely separate from the PvE aspect of Fortnite. None of your progress, or heroes. carry over. Everyone starts from scratch. You, and those 99 other players, all start on the same level. But they are free to build and set traps to their heart’s content in an effort to get one over on enemy players. For the moment, you’re only able to play this new game mode solo, but squads should be implemented soon.

For the moment, the game is 25% off from now until the 18th. Check out the announcement for more details.


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