It’s been a long road for Epic Games’ Fortnite. Really. The game was originally revealed way back in 2011 mere weeks after Epic even came up with the idea, let alone made it into a playable game.

Still, premature announcement aside, six years is a long time no matter how you spin it. Funny fact: Fortnite has been in development for over 125 fortnights.  But it seems like all that Fortnite is is about to come to fruition. There will be a paid early access phase in a month’s time, starting July 25th. Then the final game will hit the free-to-play circuit in 2018.

If you pre-order the game’s Founder’s  Pack, though, you get a four-day head start on the 21st. There are 4 packs to choose from, with prices ranging from $40, all the way up to $150.

You can check out those here.


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