If you recall from last year, Epic Games collaborated with Marvel in order to bring Thanos to Fortnite. History, as it would seem, has repeated itself – more or less.

Fortnite’s Twitter account has once again announced that the game would be crossing over with Avengers. Details are scarce on what this crossover will entail. It would be poor form to simply recycle Thanos, and since the Twitter account features Cap’s shield, then I’m going to wager a guess that it will be featured in the game as an item drop. Perhaps as something that bounces between foes, or reflects bullets. All sorts of options come to mind when throwing (hehe) the shield into the game.

But who knows what else might be coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go bigger this time.

Check out the tweet below, and stay tuned for more about the event on the 25th.

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