5.10 has arrived for Fortnite, and while the patch isn’t too enormous (5.0 did just land), there’s still plenty of fun to be had for the entire family, assuming – of course – that your family loves explosions. (And what family doesn’t?)

First up, there’s a new limited game mode: Fly Explosions. If you’ve been anxiously longing for the jetpack, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s back in this game mode, and if the last time you used a jetback and you could think to yourself was, “Boy it’d be nice if I could rain death from above with explosive weapons.” You are sure to be doubly pleased.

Fly Explosions is all about jetpacks and explosive weapons. You can fly, you can lob grenades, you can rocket. You can even guided missile. This game mode also marks the Guided Missile’s return from the Vault. It’s been toned down a bit so it’s not quite so overbearing, but it’s back.

Check out the full patch notes for more details.

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